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Come check out how we source our Shark teeth!

All teeth are found by me!

Most of the shark teeth in our jewelry is ethically sourced from the gulf coast waters here in South Florida! We also find our shark teeth in local land sites and the peace river! After we collect them, we give them a little scrub before they are made into beautiful jewelry!



100% Fossilized and guessed to be from about 5-26 million years ago! The color varies on sediment and location the sharks tooth has been preserved in over the years! These are the only teeth we sell!

Not Ethical


Modern teeth like these have a high chance that they are coming from unethical sources overseas, such as people harvesting sharks just for money. If you buy from a company who sells these teeth claiming they "found" them, they most likely didn’t. Those businesses are part of the problem and buying from them is part of the issue! It is very rare to find a white tooth but its not impossible!

Do your research before you buy!

About Me!

Hey guys! My name is Valerie and I am the creator and designer of Silver Fin Co! With my passion for scuba diving and all things sharks, I found a love of jewelry making. Creating this jewelry for all shark lovers and ocean minded should has been a dream come true and I can’t wait for you to get the piece of ETHICAL sharks tooth jewelry you have been waiting for!

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